Warrior King DVD

Warrior King DVD
Tony Jaa is Bak... With a Vengeance! Hot on the heels of his incredible ass-kicking performance in Ong-bak, the greatest action hero of the decade, Tony Jaa, is back in Warrior King - with a bigger budget, a Western setting and even more of his amazing trademark “no wireworks, no CGI, no stunt doubles” action! Thai village boy, Kham's peaceful world is rocked when illegal animal smugglers kidnap his precious pet elephants, stealing them away to the seedy underworld of Australia's Sydney to meet a dubious end. They have picked the wrong guy to mess with: the elephants are like family to Kham, and he sets out to bring them back, beating to a pulp anyone who stands in his way. His journey pitches him against one fierce opponent after another, each more skilled and deadly than the last-the perfect recipe for the most bone-crunching, jaw dropping action ever!
Aspect Ratio2.35:1
AudioThai Dolby Digital 5.1, Thai DTS
Case TypeAmaray Single
CastBongkoj Khongmalai, Johnny Nguyen, Jon Foo, Damian De Montemas, David Asavanond, Lateef Crowder, Petchtai Wongkamlao, Tony Jaa, Xing Jing, Nathan Jones
DirectorPrachya Pinkaew
HOH (Hard of Hearing)No
RegionDVD 2
Run Time109

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Tags: 2000s, Cine Asia, Thai