WC Fields - The Movie Collection (17 Fims) DVD

WC Fields - The Movie Collection (17 Fims) DVD
WC Fields - The Movie Collection (17 Fims) DVD WC Fields - The Movie Collection (17 Fims) DVD WC Fields - The Movie Collection (17 Fims) DVD WC Fields - The Movie Collection (17 Fims) DVD
My Little Chickadee:
Having been revealed as the lover of the 'Masked Bandit', Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) seeks respectability in a bogus marriage to the seemingly wealthy Cuthbert J. Twillie (Fields).

Never Give A Sucker An Even Break:
Fields attempts to sell a film script, describing an air trip during which he bails out in pursuit of a lost bottle of booze.

It's A Gift:
Fields plugs small-town grocer Harold Bissonette - pronounced 'Bee-son-ay' by his wife (Kathleen Howard) - who puts up with difficult customers and annoying neighbours.

You're Telling Me!:
Sam Bisbee (Fields) unwittingly ruins the romance between his daughter and local society boy.

Man On The Flying Trapeze:
Ambrose Wolfinger (Fields) lives with his wife, stepson, mother-in-law and the daughter from his first, happier marriage.

The Old Fashioned Way:
The Great McGonigle (Fields) and his troupe arrive at a boarding house, where her tolerates a stage-struck widow for the sake of her money.

Professor McGargle (Fields) travels with his daughter Poppy, passing her off as a long-lost heiress.

You Can't Beat An Honest Man:
Though nearly bankrupt, and constantly pursued by sheriffs, circus proprietor Larsen E. Whipsnade (Fields) has provided his children with an expensive education.

Six Of A Kind:
Bank employee Mr. Whinney and his wife plan a second honeymoon in California.

The Bank Dick:
Fields, as local tippler and henpecked husband Egbert Souse (pronounced 'Soo-zay'), accidentally foils a bank raid and is rewarded with a job as guard.

Follow The Boys:
Rejected for military service, a movie star (George Raft) concentrates all his efforts on organising shows for the troops, endangering his marriage.

International House:
A Chinese scientist invents TV, and agents gather in the remote Chinese city to buy the rights.

Million Dollar Legs:
Aviator professor Quail (Fields) lands on a hotel roof in Wu Hu, China, where international representatives are bidding for a new television device.

In the 19th century South, Northerner Tom Gryson (Bing Crosby) is turned away by the Rumford family and his intended bride - when rejecting the Southern code of fighting a duel.

The Big Broadcast Of 1938:
Shipping magnate T. Frothingill Bellows (Fields) sends his brother S.B. Bellows (Fields) aboard the ocean liner Colossal to spoil his chances in a race against their own ship, the Gigantic which is radio propelled.

Tillie And Gus:
Estranged husband - and - wife gamblers Augustus and Tillie Winterbottom are reunited when finding the inheritance of Tillie's niece, Mary.

If I Had A Million:
Convinced there are no worthy heirs to his fortune, a businessman donates a million dollars to each of several people selected at random, with varying effects on their lives.
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Mono
Case TypeBoxset Amaray Slim
CastJohn Milijan,Joseph Calleia,Josephine Whittell,Julian Madison,Julie Bishop,Kathleen Howard,Kenneth Brown,Leif Erickson,Leon Errol,Hugh Herbert,Jack Mulhall,Jack Oakie,Jackie Searl,Jean Rouverol,Jeanette MacDonald,Jessie Ralph,Joan Bennett,Joan Marsh,Adrienne Ames,Alison Skipworth,Andy Clyde,Anne Nagel,Artur Rubinstein,Baby LeRoy,Bela Lugosi,Ben Blue,Ben Turpin,Billy Lenhart,Bing Crosby,Bob Hope,Diana Lewis,Dick Foran,Dickie Moore,Dinah Shore,Donald Meek,Donald O'Connor,Dorothy Lamour,Eddie Baker,Evelyn Del Rio,Franklin Pangborn,Fuzzy Knight,Gail Patrick,Gary Cooper,George Barbier,George Burns,George Irving,George Moran,Gloria Jean,Gracie Allen,Grady Sutton,Peggy Ryan,Queenie Smith,Richard Bennett,Robert McKenzie,Louise Carter,Lucien Littlefield,Lynne Overman,Mae West,Margaret Dumont,Margaret Hamilton,Marlene Dietrich,Martha Raye,Mary Boland,Mary Brian,May Robson,Mona Barrie,Morgan Wallace,Buster Crabbe,Cab Calloway,Charles Lang,Charles Laughton,Charles Ruggles,Charles Sellon,Charley Grapewin,Claude Gilling
ColourBlack & White
DirectorFrancis Martin,H Bruce Humberstone,Erle C Kenton,Edward F Cline,Mitchel Leisen,Norman Taurog,Norman Z McLeod,James Cruze,John Rawlins,Ernst Lubitsch,William A Seiter,Wesley Ruggles,Stephen Roberts,A Edward Sutherland,Lothar Mendes,Leo McCarey
HOH (Hard of Hearing)Yes
RegionDVD 5
RegionDVD 2
RegionDVD 4
Run Time1139

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