WolfBlood Season 4 DVD

WolfBlood Season 4 DVD
All 12 episodes from the fourth series of the teenage fantasy drama.
The programme follows a group of young wolfbloods as they come to terms with their transformation and try their utmost to protect the wolfblood secret.
In this series, former wild wolfblood Jana (Leona Vaughan) has moved to Newcastle where she works for Segolia.
There, she rescues oprhaned wolfblood siblings Matei and Emilia (Jack Brett Anderson and Sydney Wade) and forms a new pack.
The episodes are: 'Captivity', 'A Long Way from Home', 'Wolfblood Ultimatum', 'Morwal', 'The Quiet Hero', 'She-Wolf', 'Sheep's Clothing', 'Where Wolf', 'Into the Wild', 'The Wild at Heart', 'Viral' and 'Protocol 5'.

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Tags: 2010s, Teen