Automan - Compete Mini Series DVD

Automan - Compete Mini Series DVD
All 13 episodes of the 1980s science fiction series following the adventures of Otto J.
Man, a computerised crime-fighter able to assume human form to take on criminals.
Walter Nebicher (Desi Amaz Jr.), a computer programmer, is the designer of Otto Man (Chuck Wagner), who, though his intelligence comes from a hard drive, is able to form an invulnerable hologram and venture out into the world.
Only Walter and his close friend, Roxanne (Heather McNair), know about Otto Man, but keeping such a prolific crime-fighter a secret won't be easy.
The episodes are: 'Automan', 'Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Fever', 'The Great Pretender', 'Ships in the Night', 'Unreasonable Facsimile', 'Flashes and Ashes', 'The Biggest Game in Town', 'Renegade Run', 'Murder MTV', 'Murder, Take One', 'Zippers', 'Death By Design' and 'Club Ten'.

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