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A Bigger Splash Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

A Bigger Splash Blu-Ray

Director Jack Hazan and editor David Mingay (Rude Boy) had access to David Hockney and his circle from 1971 to 1973, a critical period for the internationally-acclaimed artist following the break-up of his relationship with Peter Schlesinger. As much an intimate study of love gone wrong as a portrait of an artist at work, A Bigger Splash chronicles the emotional ripples that separation casts on their coterie. With appearances by such ar..

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A Day In The Life Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

A Day In The Life Blu-Ray

John Krish is one of British cinema’s best-kept secrets: a master of post-war documentary filmmaking who repeatedly turned his works and commissions into truly stirring cinema. This award-winning programme collects together four of Krish's most cherished films: The Elephant Will Never Forget (1953), a farewell to London’s trams; They Took Us To the Sea (1961), a poignant record of a seaside outing for disadvantaged children; Our School ..

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A Farewell To Arms Blu-Ray DVD Out Of Stock

A Farewell To Arms Blu-Ray DVD

Based on the best-selling novel by Ernest Hemingway, Frank Borzage's Oscar-winning adaptation of A Farewell to Arms stars Gary Cooper as Lieutenant Frederic Henry, an American enlisted in the Italian ambulances corps. Through his friend, Rinaldi (Adolphe Menjou), he meets Catherine Barkley (Helen Hayes), an English nurse. What starts as a casual encounter soon develops into something much deeper – but can their passion survive the terri..

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A Month In The Country Blu-Ray DVD

A captivating adaptation of J L Carr’s much loved novel, A Month in the Country tells the story of a traumatised First World War veteran Tom Birkin (compellingly portrayed by Colin Firth) who, in the summer of 1920, travels to the beautiful Yorkshire village of Oxgodby to uncover a medieval wall painting in the local church. During his stay in the village, Birkin develops an unspoken love for the vicar’s wife, Alice (Natasha Richardson)..

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A Woman Under The Influence Blu-Ray DVD

Arguably John Cassavetes' most successful and influential film, A Woman Under the Influence stars Gena Rowlands (Gloria, Faces) and the legendary Peter Falk (Columbo) as Mabel and Nick Longhetti, a blue-collar couple struggling to cope with Mabel's slide into mental illness. Featuring a central performance of awe-inspiring conviction from Gena Rowlands, this critically acclaimed film is as powerful today as it was upon its original rele..

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A Zed And Two Noughts Blu-Ray

A car collides with a swan outside a zoo. Two women passengers die but the driver, Alba Bewick (Andrea Ferreol) survives with a leg amputation. Obsessed with the accident, the zoologist husbands of the dead women – twins Oliver and Oswald (Eric and Brian Deacon) – become fascinated by the processes of decay and embark on an affair with the amputee. As dead animals decompose to the playful rhythms of Michael Nyman, symmetry is elevated b..

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Aguirre - Wrath Of God - Limited Edition Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Aguirre - Wrath Of God - Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Aguirre - Wrath Of God - Limited Edition Blu-Ray..

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Akenfield Blu-Ray DVD Out Of Stock

Akenfield Blu-Ray DVD

Akenfield Blu-Ray..

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Akira Kurosawa - Samurai Collection (4 Films) Blu-Ray

Akira Kurosawa is one of the world's greatest filmmakers. His films have been acclaimed by critics the world over, and his celebrated samurai epics - featuring international star Toshiro Mifune - have inspired filmmakers as diverse as Steven Spielberg and Sergio Leone, and inspired countless films, including The Magnificent Seven. This indispensable Blu-ray collection contains digitally remastered High Definition presentations of five o..

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Alain Robbe-Grillet - Six Films 1963-1974 Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Alain Robbe-Grillet - Six Films 1963-1974 Blu-Ray

Perhaps best known as the writer of Alain Resnais' classic cine-conundrum Last Year of Marienbad, and as a leading novelist in the nouveau roman movement. Alain Robbe-Grillet was also the director a number of playful, stylish, controversial films which starred such icons of French cinema as Jean-Louis Trinignant (Haneke's Amour, Bertolucci's The Conformist) and Isabelle Huppert (Claire Denis' White Material). Impossible to see for decad..

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Alan Clarke At The BBC Dissent And Disruption - Limited Edition Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Alan Clarke At The BBC Dissent And Disruption - Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Alan Clarke At The BBC Dissent And Disruption Limited Edition Blu-ray..

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Alice Blu-Ray DVD Out Of Stock

Alice Blu-Ray DVD

Jan Svankmajer’s Alice is a creepy and disturbing adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s original vision. Combining a live-action Alice (Kristyna Kohoutova) with a stop-motion Wonderland filled with threatening, bizarre characters, the film brilliantly marries a sly visual wit with piercing psychological insight. Presented here fully uncut and in its original Czech-language version for the very first time, this comprehensive release also gathers..

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All The Right Noises Blu-Ray DVD Out Of Stock

All The Right Noises Blu-Ray DVD

Originally sold with the provocative tagline 'Is 15 and a half too young for a girl? Is one wife enough for one man?', this time-capsule of a film is the story of a young married man who has an affair with a teenage girl. Starring Olivia Hussey, in her first post-Romeo and Juliet role, and the inimitable Tom Bell (The L-Shaped Room), this is one of only a handful of feature films directed by Gerry O'Hara, better known for his assistant-..

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An Actors Revenge Blu-Ray + DVD

Strange, sumptous and visually stunning, this wildly melodramatic tale of a kabuki female impersonator who exacts a long-delayed revenge on the men who drove his parents to suicide is played out against a backdrop of comic rivalries between thieves in the Tokyo underworld. Kazuo Hasegawa stars, in the dual role of the actor and a thief, in a film which celebrates his 300th screen appearance. A heady cocktail of swooning romanticism and ..

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An Autumn Afternoon / A Hen In The Wind Blu-Ray DVD Out Of Stock

An Autumn Afternoon / A Hen In The Wind Blu-Ray DVD

Yasujiro Ozu’s elegiac final film, An Autumn Afternoon, charts the inevitable eclipse of older generations by irreverent youth. Revisiting the story of his earlier masterpiece Late Spring (1949), Ozu once again casts Chishu Ryu in the role of Hirayama, the concerned father to unmarried Michiko. Harangued on all sides to marry off Michiko, Hirayama reluctantly prepares to bid his old life farewell. A cast of tragi-comic characters weaves..

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Anti-Clock Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Anti-Clock Blu-Ray + DVD

Anti-Clock, Jane Arden and Jack Bond’s last collaborative work, mixes pioneering video techniques with pin-sharp colour footage in order to create a densely woven, dream-like narrative which explores issues of personal identity and social conformity. Based on Jane Arden’s extraordinary writings on the limitations of rational thought, this groundbreaking film has remained unseen since its last public screening in 1983 and is presented he..

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Arabian Nights Blu-Ray

The final part of Pasolini's Trilogy of Life series is rich with exotic tales of slaves and kings, potions, betrayals, demons and, most of all, love and lovemaking in all its myriad forms. Mysterious and liberating, this is an exquisitely dreamlike and adult interpretation of the original folk tales, presented here in a beautiful new High-Definition restoration. Special Features Presented In Both High Definition And Standard Definition..

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Around The World With Orson Welles Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Around The World With Orson Welles Blu-Ray

Around The World With Orson Welles Blu-Ray..

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Back To 1942 Blu-Ray

From acclaimed director Feng Xiaogang (Aftershock, Assembly) comes this breathtaking war epic which revisits one of the most catastrophic periods of twentieth century Chinese history: the famine in Henan Province during the 1942 Sino-Japanese War, which claimed three million lives. Zhang Guoli stars as Master Fan, a wealthy landlord who loses everything when he and his family flee their famine-stricken hometown. Academy Award winner Adr..

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Bande A Part Blu-Ray

Bande a Part, Godard's playful reimagining of the Hollywood crime films for the 1940s, follows young misfits Franz (Sami Frey), Arthur (Claude Brasseur) and Odile (Anna Karina) as their plan to burgle a rich old lady goes tragicomically wrong. Shot in just 25 days on the wintry streets of suburban Paris, Bande a part remains one of Godard's most loved films and is often remembered for its exhilarating cafe dance sequence and famous race..

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Battleship Potemkin / Drifters Blu-Ray + DVD

In the 1920s and 1930s, Soviet propaganda films profoundly influenced the emerging luminaries of British documentary filmmaking. Sergei Eisenstein's groundbreaking Battleship Potemkin was not seen in the UK until the momentous London Film Society screening in 1929, where it was double-billed with John Grierson's Drifters. This new restoration of Battleship Potemkin is presented with the 1926 Edmund Meisel score, while the digitally rema..

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Beat Girl Blu-Ray + DVD

Restless teen Jennifer (Gillian Hills, Blow-up) escapes her square papa (David Farrar, Black Narcissus) at Soho's Off Beat coffee bar, rocking it with beatnik Dave (a super-cool Adam Faith), sensual singer Dodo (Shirley Anne Field) and icy-eyed Plaid Shirt (Oliver Reed). But a secret from Jennifer's French stepmother's past leads to the Les Girls strip joint, run by Kenny King (Christopher Lee). Remastered from the original negatives, a..

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Before The Revolution Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Before The Revolution Blu-Ray + DVD

Young, middle-class and idealistic, Fabrizio struggles to break away from his bourgeois background. Bertolucci’s beautifully operatic film, winner of the Cannes Critics’ Week prize in 1964, celebrates the passion and ideology of the 1960s, and is presented here newly restored with a selection of revealing extra features. Special Features Presented In Standard Definition And High Definition (DVD & Blu-ray), Original Theatrical Trailer, ..

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Bill Douglas Trilogy - My Childhood / My Ain Folk / My Way Home Blu-Ray

Douglas's magnificent, award-winning Trilogy is the product of an assured, formidable artistic vision. These are some of the most compelling films about childhood ever made. Presented here in a High-Definition restoration, the Trilogy follows Jamie (played with heart-breaking conviction by Stephen Archibald) as he grows up in a poverty-stricken mining village in post-war Scotland. This is cinematic poetry: Although shot in black and whi..

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Black Girl / Borom Sarret DVD + Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Black Girl / Borom Sarret DVD + Blu-Ray

Senegalese director Ousmane Sembene was the first Sub-Saharan African filmmaker to achieve international recognition, and is widely regarded as the father of African cinema. His first major work, Black Girl, is the uncompromising story of Diouana, a young Senegalese nanny whose hopes of an exciting life in France are dashed when her white employers expect her to work as their servant. Also included is Sembene's directorial debut, the sh..

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Bronco Bullfrog Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Bronco Bullfrog Blu-Ray + DVD

Del (Del Walker), a young apprentice, and his 15-year-old girlfriend Irene (Anne Gooding) have no money and nowhere to go. Angry and frustrated, they turn to 'Bronco Bullfrog - fresh out of borstal and living an independent lifestyle - for a taste of fun and freedom. Powerful and authentic, this fascinating record of the then-emerging suedehead subculture, largely improvised by a non-professional cast of teenagers from East London, is r..

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Captured Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Captured Blu-Ray + DVD

The Flipside: rescuing weird and wonderful British films from obscurity and presenting them in new high-quality editions. Exploring the complex ways in which British POWs responded to brainwashing and torture techniques during the Korean War, John Krish's realistic and disturbing drama was previously only ever shown to a highly restricted audience of military officials. Made available to the public for the first time, Captured is presen..

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Carmen Jones Blu-Ray

Dorothy Dandridge, whose vibrant performance earned the first Oscar nomination for an African American actress in a leading role, stars as the beautiful temptress Carmen Jones in this classic musical, produced and directed by Otto Preminger. The seductive Carmen lures the handsome GI Joe (Harry Belafonte) away from his sweetheart Cindy (Olga James), but she soon tires of him and takes up with a heavyweight prizefighter (Joe Adams), trig..

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Celine And Julie Go Boating Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Celine And Julie Go Boating Blu-Ray

Celine And Julie Go Boating Blu-Ray..

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Charlie Chaplin - The Essanay Films Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Charlie Chaplin - The Essanay Films Blu-Ray

Charlie Chaplin The Essanay Films..

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Charlie Chaplin - The Mutual Films Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Charlie Chaplin - The Mutual Films Blu-Ray

Charlie Chaplin - The Mutual Films Blu-Ray..

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Classe Tous Risques Blu-Ray + DVD

French gangland boss Abel Davos (Lino Ventura) has been on the run in Italy for a decade in order to escape a death sentence. But when police finally close in, he turns to his old criminal friends to help him and his young family return to Paris. With loyalty in short supply, it takes an insouciant stranger (coolly played by Jean-Paul Belmondo in the same year as his breakthrough performance in A Bout de souffle) to come to the rescue. ..

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Comrades Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Comrades Blu-Ray + DVD

The epic story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, six Dorset labourers deported to Australia in the 1830s as punishment for their trade union activities. This rich and compelling account of injustice and heroism, from a director of singular vision and staring Vanessa Redgrave and Phillip David is presented here in a new High-Definition restoration with over two hours of new and archival extras. Special Features Lanterna Magicka - Bill Douglas A..

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Contact Blu-Ray

Directed by Alan Clarke (Scum, The Firm), and adapted by AFN Clarke from his own autobiographical book, Contact is a powerful, unsensational drama about a platoon of British paratroopers on border patrol in South Armagh. Finely-judged performances from Sean Chapman (Scum, Made in Britain) and the rest of the cast combine with fluid hand-held camerawork and night-vision imagery to create a sparse, documentary-like effect, expertly captur..

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Cria Cuervos DVD + Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Cria Cuervos DVD + Blu-Ray

Cria Cuervos DVD + Blu-Ray..

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Cry Of The City Blu-Ray

A masterpiece of law and disorder, Robert Siodmak's film noir classic depicts a timeless struggle between good and evil on the streets of New York. Charismatic criminal, Martin Rome (Richard Conte) is on the run from Lieutenant Candella (Victor Mature), a dogged cop and one-time friend. The two nemeses go head-to-head in a tense game of cat and mouse, leading to a dramatic showdown. Cry of the City boasts a glorious gallery of shady fig..

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Culloden / The War Game Blu-Ray + DVD

Hailed as a breakthrough when it was first broadcast in 1964, Peter Watkins' Culloden - which brilliantly reconstructs the famous battle of 1746 - stunned viewers by approaching its historical subject matter in the style of contemporary TV news coverage. Watkins' The War Game, about a limited nuclear attack on Kent, blended fact and fiction to create a disturbing vision of the personal and public consequences of such an attack. Banned f..

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Daughters Of The Dust Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Daughters Of The Dust Blu-Ray + DVD

In South Carolina's sea islands at the dawn of the 20th century, a multi-generational family of the Gullah community - former west African slaves who adopted many of their ancestors' Yoruba traditions - struggle to maintain their cultural heritage and folklore while contemplating a migration to the mainland and even further from their roots. The first widely released film by an African American female director, daughters of the dust was..

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Derek Jarman - Volume 1 1976-1986 Blu-Ray

Despite passing away in 1994 at the age of just 52, the legacy of the iconoclastic filmmaker Derek Jarman lives on, and his ground-breaking and highly influential work has lost none of its relevance or impact. Inspirational in its fearlessness, his multi-faceted work remains touchingly personal. The dynamism of his features evokes comparison with the like of Ken Russell and Michael Powell, as well as artists Paul Nash and John Piper. Th..

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Duffer / The Moon Over The Alley Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Duffer / The Moon Over The Alley Blu-Ray + DVD

Duffer: An intense and bizarre study of obsession that is by turns lyrical and disconcerting, Duffer tells the deranged story of a teenage boy torn between the womanly charms of a kindly prostitute, and the relentless, sadistic attentions of an older man. The Moon Over the Alley: From the writer-director team behind Duffer, explores the problems of the multicultural residents in a Notting Hill boarding house. Dark and disturbing, yet ..

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Early Summer / What Did The Lady Forget Blu-Ray + DVD

When family, friends and colleagues pressure Noriko - played with enigmatic brilliance by Setsuko Hara (Tokyo Story, Late Spring) - to marry they provoke a surprising decision with wide-reaching consequences. A wonderfully poised ensemble work, Yasujiro Ozu's Early Summer presents the intricacies and contradictions of the three generations who have lived through the end of an era and are looking towards the new. Also included here is Oz..

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El Sur Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

El Sur Blu-Ray + DVD

Recalling her youth in 1950s northern Spain, Estrella revisits her relationship with her beloved father Agustin, raised in the south, and realises how little she knew of him and his secrets. Victor Erice's delicate and mysterious film reveals his abiding fascination with memory and loss, missed opportunities and the links between private dreams and political realities. The performances, like the meticulously lit compositions and evocati..

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Equinox Flower / There Was A Father Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Equinox Flower / There Was A Father Blu-Ray + DVD

Yasujiro Ozus first colour film, Equinox Flower is a deft comedy that takes an ironic look at the decline of paternal authority. Shin Saburi plays Wataru Hirayama, an old-fashioned father whose outwardly liberal views on marriage are severely tested when his daughter tells him she wants a love-match. Outwitted and outflanked by his wily female relatives Hirayama stubbornly refuses to admit defeat. Ozu's playful use of colour, poetry and..

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Expresso Bongo Blu-Ray + DVD

When Soho hustler Johnny Jackson (Laurence Harvey), a drummer-turned-music agent, discovers teen bongo player Bert Rudge (Cliff Richard) in an espresso bar, he renames him Bongo Herbert, and secures him a record deal and a TV appearance. Soon, Johnny is riding the coat-tails of Bert's stardom. Val Guest's sharp, witty satire of the music industry was adapted from the successful West End musical by Wolf Mankowitz. This fully remastered r..

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Eyes Without A Face Blu-Ray + DVD

Dr Genessier (Pierre Brasseur, Les Enfants du Paradis) is a brilliant and obsessive plastic surgeon driven by the need to restore his daughter's (Edith Scob, Judex) disfigured face. He is aided in this quest by his loyal assistant (Alida Valli Suspiria), who lures unwitting young women to the secret surgery in his secluded chateau. Eyes Without a Face is at once cruel and tender - Georges Franju's unique blend of pulp, horror and poetry..

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Faces Blu-Ray + DVD

Chairman of the board, Richard (John Marley) and his wife Maria (Lynn Carlin) seek solace from their disintegrating marriage in the arms of other lovers in John Cassavetes’s astonishingly powerful 1968 feature, Faces. Shot in searing high-contrast black and white 16mm, Cassavetes dissects the suffocating milieu of middle-class Los Angeles where hollow laughter and drunken frivolities mask loneliness and social alienation. Nominated for ..

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Fallen Angel / Whirlpool / Where The Sidewalk Ends Blu-Ray

This essential collection brings together three of acclaimed director Otto Preminger's greatest films for the first time on blu-ray, delivering a unique combination of intrigue, moral ambiguity and stylish black and white photography, which truly defines the much loved film noir genre. In Fallen Angel, Dana Andrews stars as a down-on-his-luck press agent turned amateur sleuth, investigating the murder of the sultry waitress, Stella (Lin..

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Farewell My Concubine Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Farewell My Concubine Blu-Ray + DVD

Based on the best-selling novel by Lilian Lee, Farewell My Concubine is an epic exploration of art, friendship and betrayal. Set against the tumultuous backdrop of more than fifty years of Chinese history, the film charts the relationship between Cheng (Leslie Cheung) and Duan (Zhang Fengyi), two stars in the Peking Opera troupe, and the woman who comes between them. Chen Kaige's sumptuous and moving epic holds an important place in the..

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Film / Notfilm Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Film / Notfilm Blu-Ray

Film / Notfilm Blu-Ray..

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Frantz Fanon - Black Skin White Mask DVD + Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Frantz Fanon - Black Skin White Mask DVD + Blu-Ray

Frantz Fanon Black Skin White Mask Blu-Ray..

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French Cancan Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

French Cancan Blu-Ray + DVD

The legendary Jean Gabin plays Danglard, mentor to, and lover of, the stage stars of 1890s Paris. When he discovers a naive young laundress (Francoise Arnoul) dancing in a nightclub he is inspired by her talent to revive the long-forgotten cancan in a show that the whole of Paris, rich and poor, will never forget. Based on the true story of Moulin Rouge founder Charles Zidler, Jean Renoir's exuberant tale of an impresario's commitment t..

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Gaslight Blu-Ray + DVD

Based on Patrick Hamilton’s celebrated stage play, Thorold Dickinson’s (The Queen of Spades, The Next of Kin) Gaslight is a harrowing and claustrophobic study of murder, abuse and lust in Victorian London. By turns charming and cruel, Anton Walbrook (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp) excels as the sadistic husband who attempts to drive his wife (Diana Wynyard) mad to prevent her from disclosing his dark past. This digitally remastere..

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German Concentration Camps Factual Survey - Special Archival Edition Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey - Special Archival Edition Blu-Ray + DVD

On 29 September 1945, the incomplete rough-cut of a disturbing yet compelling documentary revealing the horrors of the German concentration camps was screened at the Ministry of information in London. For five months Sidney Bernstein had led a small team, including Stewart McAllister, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock, to complete the film from hours of footage. But this ambitious allied project to create a feature-length visual rep..

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Germany - Pale Mother Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Germany - Pale Mother Blu-Ray

Set during the Third Reich and its aftermath, this lyrical, harrowing tale of love and war is a neglected classic of New German cinema. Based on acclaimed dircetor Helma Sanders-Brahms' mother's life, the film explores the devastating impact on war on family and relatioships. Hans (Ernst Jacobi) and Lene (eva Mattes) scarcely have time to meet and marry before Hans is sent away to fight, leaving Lene to give birth alone and struggle thr..

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Good Morning / I Was Born But Blu-Ray + DVD

A Tokyo suburb buzzing with gossip is the backdrop to Ozu’s cheerful comedy, Good Morning. Disillusioned with the meaningless talk of their elders, two brothers take a vow of silence when their parents refuse to buy them a TV. Good Morning pokes fun at the silliness of everyday chatter whilst gently acknowledging its fundamental necessity. Also included here is Ozu’s superb early comedy I Was Born, But... The forerunner of Good Morning,..

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Her Private Hell Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Her Private Hell Blu-Ray + DVD

The cautionary tale of an innocent girl abroad who gets caught up in the sleazy world of modelling, Her Private Hell was the debut feature of British exploitation director Norman J Warren (Satan’s Slave, Prey And Terror) and the UK’s first narrative sex film. Starring Italian actress Lucia Modugno (Il Generale Della Rovere, Danger: Diabolik), it ran for over a year in London and put Britain on the map in the realm of home-grown adult fe..

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Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush Blu-Ray + DVD

This glossy coming-of-age comedy, directed by Clive Donner (The Caretaker), follows the exploits of sex-obsessed Jamie (Barry Evans) as he attempts to join the Swinging Sixties set and lose his virginity. Special Features Complete Uncensored Presentation Of Main Feature (DVD And Blu-Ray), Alternative Censored Version (Blu-ray Only, 96 Min), Alternative Censored Sequences (DVD Only, 10 Min), Because That Road Is Trodden (Tim King, 1969,..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92
Herostratus Blu-Ray + DVD Out Of Stock

Herostratus Blu-Ray + DVD

When a young poet (Michael Gothard - The Devils, The Valley) hires a marketing company to turn his suicide-by-jumping into a mass-media spectacle, he finds that his subversive intentions are quickly diluted into a reactionary gesture. Unseen since 1967, this audacious and prescient work left a profound mark on the landscape of late-1960s British cinema, with echoes of its visual style evident in the work of such celebrated directors as ..

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Hotel Salvation Blu-Ray

Hotel Salvation, the award-winning first feature from up-and-coming director Shubhashish Bhutiani, is a charming, life-affirming drama set in contemporary India that tackles serious matters with a light and often joyous touch. This gently humorous film follows Rajiv, an overworked middle-aged son who is forced to accompany his 77-year-old father, Daya, as he seeks salvation in the holy city of Varanasi. The simple pleasures of this time..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

I Am Belfast Blu-Ray + DVD

I Am Belfast sees celebrated filmmaker, writer and curator Mark Cousins (A Story of Film, Here Be Dragons) cast his painterly eye on his home town, the port city Belfast. Beautifully shot by Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Rabbit-Proof Fence) and with a powerful soundtrack by the great Northern Irish David Holmes (Ocean's Eleven,'71, Hunger), Cousins' film takes viewers on an emotional journey through the complex and sometimes ..

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