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Alien Armageddon DVD

When aliens, 'The Nephilim', invade Earth, nearly all of humanity is wiped out in the brutal attack. As the human race faces total annihilation with every major city destroyed, these hostile intruders establish their headquarters in Los Angeles. Here they use scientists to modify the human DNA so that can use them as a food source. Angelino shop owner Jodie Elliot is looking for her daughter when she is captured. With the help of a cowb..

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The Dragonphoenix Chronicles DVD

Greek fantasy action adventure. Set in the world of Elebros, ruled by the Dragonphoenix Empire, northern warrior Dragar (Yannis Roumboulias) is held in slavery and forced to fight for the amusement of the kingdom's noblemen. Longing to return to his home and the wife he left behind, Dragar escapes his captors and takes general's daughter Valeria (Constantina Georganta) hostage, sparking a manhunt that makes his voyage back home even mor..

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Thomas Kinkade Presents Christmas Lodge DVD

Festive family drama directed by Terry Ingram and starring Erin Karpluk. When Mary (Karpluk) stumbles upon the lodge where she spent her holidays as a child, she finds it in a state of disrepair. Saddened by this and inspired by her grandfather, she vows to restore it. Throughout her project she becomes attracted to a local man, Jack (Michael Shanks), and together they work on the lodge, becoming more and more attracted to each other an..

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Thor - The Hammer Of The Gods DVD

DELETED | Out-Of-Print - Thor - The Hammer Of The Gods DVD..

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Vampire Nation (aka True Bloodthirst) DVD

Andrew-Lee Potts and Heida Reed star in this horror directed by Todor Chapkanov. In Bucharest, Romania, the human population is rapidly declining as vampires have taken over and now walk freely among the humans. After the invention of a synthetic blood substitute, vampires of Bucharest have been free to live their lives without bothering the non-blood-loving folk, but not everyone is happy with the situation.....

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