Devil Riders / The Maze / The Goatman Murders DVD

Devil Riders / The Maze / The Goatman Murders DVD
Triple bill of horror films. In 'Devil Riders' (2009), lawyers Robert (Bertie Higgins) and Allen (J.D.
Rudometkin) go on a five-stop motorcycle poker run, along with their wives Susan (Debra Hopkins) and Cheri (Jasmine Waltz), but on the way they encounter psychopaths Ray (Robert Thorne) and Billy (Jay Wisell).
Before long Susan and Cheri are kidnapped and Robert and Allen are put through their paces in a number of horrific challenges as they attempt to get their wives back.
In 'The Maze' (2010), five teenagers decide to explore a corn maze one night.
Unbeknown to them, however, a murderous lunatic lurks within the maze and is luring them to their deaths.
Will any of them make it out alive? In 'The Goatman Murders' (2011), a group of friends on a road trip to Florida experience some car trouble and end up in the Maryland countryside where an axe-wielding murderer, who is half-man, half-goat, begins to kill them one by one.
Will there be any survivors?

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