Lupin The Third - The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Blu-Ray

Lupin The Third - The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Blu-Ray
A cult has become the target of Lupin III's latest heist, but he might not be the only one after their hidden treasures. It seems the alluring lover of the cult leader may just be a thief herself and more than capable to handle Lupin in the race for the treasure.

But in a chase to outsmart the other, this little game takes a twist for the unexpected. Lupin sets his sights on the female thief, Fujiko Mine, and he may just be a little in love with this femme fatale beauty. But behind her wily charms lies a greater tragedy at hand.

This is the story of how Lupin III, the greatest thief of his generation, met his match.

Includes episodes 1-13 with Japanese and English audio and English subtitles.

Bonus Features:
• English voice actor commentaries
• Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Cast reunion
DirectorSayo Yamamoto
Run Time325

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