The Fugitive Seasons 1 to 4 - The Complete Series DVD

The Fugitive Seasons 1 to 4 - The Complete Series DVD
Catch the Emmy winning hit series The Fugitive from its pulse-pounding start to its epic finale. David Janssen stars as Dr. Richard Kimble, the dedicated doctor falsely accused and convicted of killing his wife. Whlie being transported to death row, a freaky train accident allows him to break free from the custody of Lt. Philip Gerard (Barry Morse). Starting now, the hunt is on while Gerard chases down Kimble. The good doctor is on a quest to find his wife's real killer - the one-armed man whom Kimble witnessed fleeing the scene of the crime. Switching identities while helping strangers in need along the way, Kimble's life is constantly on the move...but he will not stop until justice is found.

Special Features
Episode Promo For Landscape With Running Figures, Composer Dominic Frontiere, Season Of Change & The Colour Of Music
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
AudioEnglish Dolby Digital
Case TypeBoxset Special
CastBarney Phillips, Barry Morse, Bill Erwin, Bill Raisch, Brian Keith, Bryan O'Byrne, Claudia Bryar, Crahan Denton, Dabbs Greer, David Janssen, Dick Wesson, Donald Losby, Elisha Cook Jr, Abigail Shelton, James Nusser, George Mitchell, Harry Townes, Lynn Borden, William Conrad, Vera Miles, Paul Birch, Ray Teal
ColourBlack & White
DirectorRobert Ellis Miller, Walter Grauman, Vincent McEveety, Christian Nyby, James Sheldon, Jerry Hopper, Claudio Guzman, Ida Lupino, Andrew McCullough, William A Graham
RegionDVD 2
Run Time6168

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