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A Scene At The Sea Blu-Ray

When deaf garbage man Shigeru (Claude Maki) finds a broken surfboard on one of his runs, it piques his curiosity, even though he has no experience with surfing. So he repairs the board and, with loyal girlfriend Takako (Hiroko Oshima), who also is deaf, he sets out to learn how to ride the waves. He goes through mishaps and the locals mock him. But, with the help of a shop owner who once was a surfing legend, Shigeru may finally have a ..

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A Snake Of June Blu-Ray

Rinko (Asuka Kurosawa from Cold Fish) and Shigehiko (novelist Yuji Kotari) are a strange couple, whose physical mismatch (she a lithe beauty, he an overweight, balding, obsessive-compulsive neurotic) is reflected in the complete lack of intimacy between them. They connect as human beings, but they live more like friends than as lovers and lead nearly independent lives. Both seem comfortable with this coexistence, but the desires that lu..

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Animerama - 1001 Nights / Cleopatra - Limited Edition Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Animerama - 1001 Nights / Cleopatra - Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Animerama - 1001 Nights / Cleopatra - Limited Edition Blu-Ray..

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Bullet Ballet Blu-Ray

Goda (Shinya Tsukamoto) is a thirty-something filmmaker. While his work may seem intriguing to some, his life is absolutely average - long hours at the office, drinks after work, an equally busy girlfriend, Kiriko, who he's been with for a decade. No surprises. No detours. No shocks. That is until he returns home one night to find police cars surrounding the entrance to his apartment building and he's told that Kiriko has committed suic..

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Cold Fish Blu-Ray

Inspired by and loosely based on the real-life exploits of serial killer couple Gen Sekine and his ex-wife Hiroko Kazama (the perpetrators of Tokyo's notorious 1993 "Saitama serial murders of dog lovers" killings), 'Cold Fish' is a psychotic cavalcade of sex, violence and comedy. Shamoto runs a small tropical fish shop. His second wife, Taeko, does not get along with his daughter, Mitsuko, and this worries him. One day Mitsuko is caught..

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Confessions Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Confessions Blu-Ray

Takako Matsu (K-20: Legend Of The Mask) plays a middle-school teacher whose four-year-old daughter is found dead. Shattered, she finally returns to her classroom only to become convinced that two of her students were responsible for her daughter's murder. No one believes her, and she may very well be wrong, but she decides, nevertheless, that it's time to take her revenge. What happens next is all-out psychological warfare waged against..

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Destruction Babies Blu-Ray

A bleak, but never dull look at the lives of a handful of teens in a city and world they don't understand, nor want too, that have no problem with crossing the line. Taira, an unnervingly quiet delinquent teen, mysteriously leaves town and aimlessly wanders through a nearby city, provoking fights with random bystanders. His dangerous attitude catches the impressionable eye of the young Yuya, who only encourages Taira carry out even more..

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Dolls Blu-Ray

In this visually stunning drama, three romantic tales are told using elements of Japanese Bunraku puppet theater. In this first, Sawako (Miho Kanno) becomes suicidal when her fiance, Matsumoto (Hidetoshi Nishijima), leaves her to marry the boss's daughter. Next, an obsessed fan, Nukui (Tsutomu Takeshige), expresses his love for pop singer Haruna (Kyoko Fukada) in a highly violent manner. Then, aging gangster Hiro (Tatsuya Mihashi) attem..

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Fires On The Plain Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Fires On The Plain Blu-Ray

Fires On The Plain..

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For Loves Sake Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

For Loves Sake Blu-Ray

Takashi Miike, the director of 13 Assassins, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai and Audition brings us as Bollywood-style musical action/comedy/love story! Not exactly a director that plays along with genre rules, the prolific Takashi Miike now takes his talent in genre bending to the pure romance world with For Love's Sake (a.k.a. Ai to Makoto), based on Kajiwara Ikki's 1973 manga series. An epic story of a rich high school girl who falls i..

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Getting Any Blu-Ray

Takeshi Kitano, one of the most acclaimed directors to come out of Japan brings us a bizarre, over the top and absurd comedy full of slapstick silliness and never ending gags. A great satire of Japanese society and popular cinema, Getting Any?, embraces the spirit of Kitano's early stand-up and television work and as such it offers a genuine inside look into his true personality. The story follows the nerdy middle age Asao, a profession..

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Greatful Dead Blu-Ray

Nami (Kumi Takiuchi) is a young woman with numerous hang-ups sprouting from a dysfunctional childhood. She inherits a small fortune that allows her to pursue various interests, many of which are highly abnormal. For example, Nami loves to spy on people who, not unlike herself, have gone crazy from loneliness. She calls these people "solitarians". Perhaps due to a father fixation, her favourite spying targets are old men with stiff boner..

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Han Gong-Ju Blu-Ray

One of the most talked about Korean films of 2014, the acclaimed indie teen drama Han Gong-ju is based on a devastating real-life case of sexual violence that shocked Korea in 2004. The first feature from writer-director Lee Su Jin, Han Gong-ju broke Korea's opening day box office records for independent films and won many international awards. In a breakout role that gwon her Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Chun Woo Hee pl..

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Hana Bi (Aka Fireworks) Blu-Ray

From Takeshi Kitano, the director of Sonatine, Violent Cop and Boiling Point comes one of the most highly acclaimed contemporary Japanese films of all time. Former Police officer Nishi feels responsible for the shattered lives of his loved ones. His partner Horibe has been crippled in a disastrous stakeout, a colleague is shot dead by the same villain, and his own wife has a terminal illness. In debt to a yakuza loanshark, Nishi conceiv..

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Himizu Blu-Ray

The new film from Sion Sono (Love Exposure, Cold Fish) Himizu tells the powerful story of two teenagers’ struggle to live in dystopian future Japan destroyed by a natural disaster. Keiko (Fumi Nikaido) is a fourteen year old girl obsessed with Yuichi (Shota Sometani, Isn’t Anyone Alive?), in fact she is self admittedly his stalker. She collects his words and wallpapers her room with them, repeating them like a prayer and getting overexc..

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Kamikaze Girls Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Kamikaze Girls Blu-Ray

Meet Momoko (Kyoko Fukada from 'The Ring 2' and 'Dolls' ), a self-absorbed dreamer who fantasizes about fleeing her backcountry home and living life in 18th century Versailles. When she unexpectedly meets the rebellious Ichigo (Anna Tsuchiya from 'Dororo' and 'Sakuran'), a rough-and-tumble biker chick, the two misfits form a unique friendship - together, nothing can stop them! Born from the pages of favourite cult author Novala Takemoto..

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Kids Return Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Kids Return Blu-Ray

Takeshi Kitano's sixth film is a cinematic tale about Shinji (Masanobu Ando) and Masaru (Ken kaneko), two high-school dropouts, growing up in a Tokyo suburb. Shinji and Masaru are playful, self-centred and irresponsible. They wag school, ridicule their teachers and bully other students, and spend most of their time at the local coffee house and noodle shop. Shinji pursues an amateur boxing career, but does not have the strength or deter..

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Kikujiro Blu-Ray

Masao is a quiet, sensitive nine year old boy who dreams of being reunited with his long lost mother. Kikujiro is a lazy, manipulative small time gangster and a most unlikely companion. They both set off on an extraordinary journey hitchhiking their way across the country, living off their wits and the generosity of strangers. Gradually they begin to warm to each other as Kikujiro instinctively takes them from one close scrape to anothe..

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Kotoko Blu-Ray

Shinya Tsukamoto, the cult director of the cyberpunk Tetsuo series, presents an unnerving film about mental instability. Kotoko (singer-songwrite Cocco), a young single mother, lives alone with her baby son. Suffering from an unknown illness that makes her see double – especially people – and not knowing which version of the person is real, it severely impacts her day-to-day life, often leading to her to lash out violently. As her situa..

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Lesson Of Evil Blu-Ray

Cool and charismatic English teacher Seiji Hasumi (ITO) is popular with students and teachers alike. He inspires trust and respect from his class, greeting many with an affectionate, if irritating, ruffle of the hair. But his actions soon take a turn, revealing something dark behind that charming smile. Students become suspicious when friends slowly start to disappear, but little do they know that absolute jaw-dropping carnage is just ..

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Love And Other Cults Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Love And Other Cults Blu-Ray

Love And Other Cults Blu-Ray..

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Love And Peace Blu-Ray

For shy and awkward Ryoichi, dreams of musical superstardom have long since faded and he's resigned himself to a lifetime of unrewarding office work for a company that barely acknowledges his existence. But when he randomly buys a pet turtle named Pikadon, a series of events are put into place that not only give Ryoichi the chance to fulfil his rock and roll fantasies, they might just bring about the end of the world. With more imaginat..

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Love Exposure Blu-Ray

Having grown up in a devout Christian family, Yu (Takahiro Nishijima) has always been a well-behaved kid. After his mother dies, his priest father is seduced by a woman who breaks his heart, causing him to torment Yu by forcing him to confess his sins on a daily basis. Of course, being a fairly normal kid, Yu has no legitimate sins to confess. To appease his increasingly demanding father, Yu is determined to become a true sinner, eventu..

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Lowlife Love Blu-Ray + DVD

Tetsuo (Kiyohiko Shibukawa - Yakuza Apocalpse) is a lowlife. As a film director, he had an indie hit many years back, but refuses to go against his artistic integrity. He gets by exploiting his friends, family & the students of his acting school. One day, two new students come to his school: Minami (Maya Okano - Time Traveller), a naive girl from the countryside who wants to be an actress, and Ken (Shugo Oshinari - All About Lily Chou C..

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Memories Of Matsuko Blu-Ray

When the body of a female tramp is found in the park, her nephew, Shou, is called upon to clean out her abandoned apartment. He unwittingly embarks upon a surprising journey through the extraordinary life of his aunt, Matsuko, a starry-eyed female searching for her prince. A collision of visually stunning hues and Bob Fosse-like musical set pieces, this Amelie-esque fairytale gracefully glides through the decades from the 50s to the 80s..

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Pluto Blu-Ray

Pluto is a story of the extremes elite high school seniors are prepared to go to guarantee entry into prestigious universities, and asks what could possibly turn an innocent boy into a monster. June, a transfer student into an elite school, is driven to despair by the year's first examination results. One day he discovers that a mysterious clique of fellow students are sharing secret notebooks, which contain important exam information. ..

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Ruined Heart - Another Love Story Between A Criminal And A Whore Blu-Ray + CD

Somewhere in Manila, a crime boss rules with an iron fist. He uses religion and violence to stay in power. What superstition and razzle dazzle don't accomplish, his goons do. To his most loyal henchman he gives the task of guarding his woman, who is headstrong and impulsive, and often gets into trouble. Before long, she falls in love with the henchman, and the star-crossed lovers decide to leave town. Fighting ensues. It is while on the..

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Tetsuo - The Iron Man / Tetsuo II - Body Hammer Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Tetsuo - The Iron Man / Tetsuo II - Body Hammer Blu-Ray

Tetsuo The Iron Man A strange man known only as the "metal fetishist", who seems to have an insane compulsion to stick scrap metal into his body, is hit and possibly killed by a Japanese "salaryman", out for a drive with his girlfriend. The salaryman then notices that he is being slowly overtaken by some kind of disease that is turning his body into scrap metal, and that his nemesis is not in fact dead but is somehow masterminding and g..

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Tetsuo Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

The Land Of Hope Blu-Ray

Prolific Japanese director Sion Sono (Love Exposure, Himizu) departs from his usual style for this movingly restrained drama of a rural family's struggle to survive in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and the resulting nuclear crisis. In the fictional Nagashima prefecture, Yoichi Ono (Jun Murakami) lives a peaceful life with his wife Izumi (Megumi Kagurazaka), and his parents Yasuhiko (Isao Natsuyagi) and Chieko (Naoko Otani), on ..

£10.60 Ex Tax: £8.83

The Story Of Yonosuke Blu-Ray

Based on a novel by multi-award-winning author Shuichi Yoshida (Villain, Parade), this bittersweet film is the latest offering from the director of The Woodsman & the Rain and stars Kengo Kora (Norwegian Wood, Fish Story) & Yuriko Yoshitaka (Gantz, Robo-G). Yonosuke is a typical Japanese on-screen hero: socially awkward, childish and naive, but always cheerful and charming. We meet him when he moves from Nagasaki to Tokyo in the late ei..

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The Woodsman And The Rain Blu-Ray

Katsuhiko (Internationally acclaimed actor Koji Yakusho from 'Shall We Dance' and '13 Assassins') plays a 60 year-old lumberjack who lives in a small, tranquil village in the mountains. When a film crew suddenly arrives to shoot a zombie movie, Katsuhiko finds himself unwittingly roped into assisting the production and becomes increasing frustrated by the pushy crew, especially the young, seemingly spineless director Koichi (Shun Oguri,..

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Tokyo Fist Blu-Ray

Once again Tsukamoto steps out from behind the camera and stars as Tsuda, the archetypal Japanese salaryman. He's married to polite and compliant Hizuru (Kaori Fujii), the dictionary definition of an ideal Japanese wife. Their life is happy, at least on the surface, at least until Kojima (played by Tsukamoto's own real life brother, Koji), a friend from his past, shows up on the scene. As a pro boxer Koji's business is violence and even..

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Toyoda Toshiaki - Pornostar / Unchain / 9 Souls Blu-Ray

Pornostar (1998): A young man gets off the train in the morning and wanders the business districts aimlessly. He runs across some yakuza gangsters, whom he despises, and goes on a killing spree, but soon becomes involved with a subordinate gang. Unchain (2000): Documentary on the Japanese boxer Unchain Kaji, who retired from the ring at the age of 30 with an eye injury and a losing record. His attempt at starting a new life as a civilia..

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Uzumasa Limelight Blu-Ray

Uzumasa (Kyoto) is considered the Hollywood of Japan. It has produced many "jidaigeki" films (period dramas with sword fighting) that are loved by many Japanese, and are highly praised all over the world. These films wouldn't be what they were if it weren't for the "kirareyaku" (actors whose main job is to be killed by the lead star). Men who are killed, without ever being lit by the limelight... This story is about those men, the unsun..

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Vulgaria Blu-Ray

To (Chapman To from Infernal Affairs), a long-time film producer, has yet to produce anything resembling a hit. Beset by financial troubles, he has become desperate for money - so much so that he is unable to pay the alimony to his ex-wife (Kristal Tin). Despite his former spouse's bitterness, their daughter still clings onto her faith in him - and wishes to see him on TV once his new movie premieres. To is soon introduced to a potentia..

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