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A Scene At The Sea Blu-Ray

When deaf garbage man Shigeru (Claude Maki) finds a broken surfboard on one of his runs, it piques h..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

A Snake Of June Blu-Ray

Rinko (Asuka Kurosawa from Cold Fish) and Shigehiko (novelist Yuji Kotari) are a strange couple, who..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Bullet Ballet Blu-Ray

Goda (Shinya Tsukamoto) is a thirty-something filmmaker. While his work may seem intriguing to some,..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Cold Fish Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Cold Fish Blu-Ray

Inspired by and loosely based on the real-life exploits of serial killer couple Gen Sekine and his e..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Confessions Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Confessions Blu-Ray

Takako Matsu (K-20: Legend Of The Mask) plays a middle-school teacher whose four-year-old daughter i..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Destruction Babies Blu-Ray

A bleak, but never dull look at the lives of a handful of teens in a city and world they don't under..

£16.33 Ex Tax: £13.61

Dolls Blu-Ray

In this visually stunning drama, three romantic tales are told using elements of Japanese Bunraku pu..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Fires On The Plain Blu-Ray Out Of Stock
For Loves Sake Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

For Loves Sake Blu-Ray

Takashi Miike, the director of 13 Assassins, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai and Audition brings us as..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Getting Any Blu-Ray

Takeshi Kitano, one of the most acclaimed directors to come out of Japan brings us a bizarre, over t..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Greatful Dead Blu-Ray

Nami (Kumi Takiuchi) is a young woman with numerous hang-ups sprouting from a dysfunctional childhoo..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Han Gong-Ju Blu-Ray

One of the most talked about Korean films of 2014, the acclaimed indie teen drama Han Gong-ju is bas..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Hana Bi (Aka Fireworks) Blu-Ray

From Takeshi Kitano, the director of Sonatine, Violent Cop and Boiling Point comes one of the most h..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Himizu Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Himizu Blu-Ray

The new film from Sion Sono (Love Exposure, Cold Fish) Himizu tells the powerful story of two teenag..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99
Kamikaze Girls Blu-Ray Out Of Stock

Kamikaze Girls Blu-Ray

Meet Momoko (Kyoko Fukada from 'The Ring 2' and 'Dolls' ), a self-absorbed dreamer who fantasizes ab..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Kids Return Blu-Ray

Takeshi Kitano's sixth film is a cinematic tale about Shinji (Masanobu Ando) and Masaru (Ken kaneko)..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Kikujiro Blu-Ray

Masao is a quiet, sensitive nine year old boy who dreams of being reunited with his long lost mother..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Kotoko Blu-Ray

Shinya Tsukamoto, the cult director of the cyberpunk Tetsuo series, presents an unnerving film about..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99